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Exeter Urban Water Management Workshop

Catchment Based Approach | Local Action Project | WaterLIFE

March 11th 2016

Collaborative delivery of green infrastructure and water management solutions (e.g. SuDS) in the urban environment can realise multiple benefits including reduced flood risk, improved water quality and biodiversity, greater amenity and enhanced community health and well-being.

In March 2016, the CaBA Urban Working Group, in collaboration with the Defra Urban Ecosystem Services Project (www.urbanwater-eco.services) and Ciria (www.ciria.org), hosted a series of workshops designed to build capacity and expertise within CaBA partnerships to help drive greater collaborative delivery within the urban environment.

The workshop programme (which can be downloaded here – Programme: CaBA Urban Workshop, Exeter. March16) included;

  • A showcase of experiences and learning from across the South West
  • Masterclasses from key experts demonstrating exemplar work from around the country
  • Defra urban ecosystem services, cost-benefits assessment & natural capital valuation work
  • Key datasets, spatial evidence and strategic targeting/design approaches
  • Assessment of outcomes, monitoring and securing long-term sustainability
  • Breaking down the barriers to the delivery of exemplar SuDS and GI in the South West
  • Governance, roles and responsibilities across key stakeholders: potential opportunities for collaboration & funding

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