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A Drainage Analysis Planning Tool (ADAPT)


A Drainage Analysis Planning Tool (ADAPT) has been developed by HR Wallingford, as part of the EU-funded Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow project (TRUST). It allows the user to explore a wide range of potential drainage solutions in order to identify those which are optimal, according to user-defined cost and benefit functions. The tool has been trialled in the Hoffselva catchment in Oslo, Norway.


The purpose of the tool is to assess the improvements to a stormwater system that would be required in order to sustainably meet the needs of the local community and have minimal impact on the environment. The tool is based on the use of optimisation of a range of possible options to achieve a stated set of performance criteria. Improvements to the drainage system can be affected by either making changes to the network assets (pipes and storage tanks) or the removal or modification of the runoff from paved surfaces. Development of the tool is on-going and it will be updated at the end of the TRUST project. Further information, as well as a user guide, is available at the link below.



Information on the TRUST website Рhttps://www.trust-i.net/downloads/index.php?iddesc=117