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Allotments in Newcastle

This report investigates the benefits of having an allotment for residents of Newcastle. It seeks to fill a gap in the knowledge around why people choose to maintain an allotment.

Three main reasons were identified:

  1. Being able to grow one’s food
  2. The enjoyment and pleasure obtained by the activity itself
  3. Dedicating time to relaxation and exercise

This demonstrates psychological, physical and social benefits with allotment holders saying that contact with nature at the allotments is an important factor in their lives. In the study, 79% of participants state they obtain psychological or spiritual benefits from having an allotment and 72% state they gain physical benefits.

However, allotment holders also have concerns regarding the future of the allotments in Newcastle, with many people saying that the biggest threat comes from development pressure by local councils.

Main Report: Ferres, M. and Townshend, T. G. (2012) ‘The social , health and wellbeing benefits of allotments : five societies in Newcastle’, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, 47, pp. 1–47.

More about the allotments: http://www.moorsideallotments.co.uk/