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Aquacycle is a tool offered on the Australian water management support website, eWater Toolkit. It is a daily urban water balance model, which has been developed to simulate the total urban water cycle as an integrated whole, allowing complex integrated urban water management scenarios to be quickly and efficiently analysed. It enables the user to investigate how locally-generated stormwater and wastewater can be used as a substitute for imported water.


The model is intended as a gaming tool, rather than a design tool, giving the user an overall impression on the feasibility of using stormwater and wastewater at a particular site. The Aquacycle tool is intended to be used by a range of urban water industry professionals, such as urban stormwater engineers, planners, policy staff, consultants and government agencies. It requires a clear understanding of the underlying modelling algorithms and associated assumptions that underpin the model, which are described in the user-friendly supporting documentation.


It is possible to download the tool free of charge from the eWater Toolkit website, although registration is required. An upgraded version of Aquacycle, called Urban Volume and Quality (UVQ), has been created but you must contact CSIRO Land and Water to request access.



Website – http://www.toolkit.net.au/Tools/Aquacycle