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Ardler Village Trust, Dundee

Ardler was originally a Local Authority housing estate built in the late 1960s with over 3200 flats in six multi-storey buildings housing nearly 8000 people. The area suffered economic decline during the 1980s and studies in the 1990s showed high numbers of single parent families and long term unemployment. Dundee City Council bid for funding to prevent irreversible decline and were awarded £85 million to regenerate the area in 1999.

SuDS were used in the regeneration, including two retention ponds and swales, alongside copses of mature trees, sports facilities and “pocket parks” within each neighbourhood.

45% of Ardler is now greenspace and 75% of residents say that being able to see wildlife is an important feature.  The report explores the condition and use of greenspaces after regeneration by different demographic groups as well as their influence on the area.

More information: Greenspace Scotland (2007): Ardler Village, Dundee. A study into the link between the quality of Ardler’s greenspace and its use.