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Balornock Urban Gardens Scheme, Glasgow

In 2004, members of Balornock Allotment Association approached Balornock Primary School to see if they were interested in taking over an allotment. The school agreed and a joint project (BUGS) was set up. The allotment is used as a classroom resource and has helped to provide children with an understanding of where their food comes from and how to eat healthily.

This is particularly important as many pupils live in high-rise flats without access to gardens. Furthermore, Balornock suffers from a number of social factors (e.g. low household income) that reduce the ability of residents to eat healthily and has a high number of residents with low levels of health (76% above the Scottish average).

The scheme has proved very popular with the school children and responses from their parents have shown that it encourages children to try new healthy foods like the fruit and vegetables they have grown in the allotment.


More information: Greenspace Scotland (2007): Balornock Urban Garden Scheme “BUGS”.