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Clearwater is an Australian program that provides information and resources to the urban water industry about how to achieve water sensitive cities. The program was established in 2002 and is currently funded by Melbourne Water, with project funding from state government agencies. The purpose of Clearwater is to build the capacity of local government and industry professionals in best practice stormwater management. The partnerships developed through Clearwater include government bodies, research institutions and commercial organisations.  The partnership promotes industry sharing and collaboration, and is therefore able to provide access to the latest technical and scientific knowledge, behavioural research and policy development from the field of sustainable urban water management.


The Clearwater website contains a wide variety of resources, such as case studies, factsheets, tools, user guidance, educational videos and information about training or upcoming events. Clearwater organises a variety of training events, which promote best practice in sustainable urban water management.



Clearwater website – http://www.clearwater.asn.au/

Useful factsheets and tools – http://www.clearwater.asn.au/resource-library/factsheets-and-tools/