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Connecting communities, neighbourhoods and nature: A toolkit


This guide/toolkit was published by The Wildlife Trust in 2007, as part of the Urban Greenspace project. Other project deliverables included training programmes for Wildlife Trusts and other organisations, advice on issues such as policy and funding, research programmes, fact sheets and an ‘Urban Greenspace Support Pack’ for those working with groups.


The aim of this guide is to support people who are interested in delivering nature-based projects that provide benefits to both communities and the environment. It includes useful advice for practitioners at all stages of project development, with information on community engagement methods, working in partnership, maintaining biodiversity in urban developments, improving access to urban green space, fundraising and project evaluation. The toolkit combines current best practice and advice from people who have found successful solutions, with case studies and examples that demonstrate how the information provided can be used to address some common issues.



Report (PDF) – http://www.naturallyactive.org/Asset%20Library/External%20people%20resources/Urban%20Greenspace%20Toolkit.pdf