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Development Near Rivers: Guidance for Planners

CaBA Urban Working Group Guidance Note

Created in partnership with Lewisham Borough Council, this Catchment Based Approach Guidance Note outlines a general approach to considering development proposals near rivers. It indicates the basic considerations, information and processes that should be sought through the planning application process.

As with all planning, planning for rivers is a balancing act – between human access and enjoyment, improving and protecting the environment, maintaining or reducing flood risk, and achieving high quality and viable developments. The goal is to make sure development enhances the use, enjoyment and setting of a river by integrating land and water uses.

Ultimately this means opening up access to, from and along the river, exploring the added value and use of water space, taking opportunities to manage and reduce flood risk; and viewing the waterway, walking and cycle paths and environs as part of the public realm to unlock the economic, environmental and social benefits of the river.

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