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Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT)


The Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT) is provided by Earth Economics and comprises of a comprehensive, spatially-explicit, web-based repository of published and unpublished economic values for ecosystem services. It provides resources and tools to support the quantification of economic, social or cultural benefits associated with the wide range of natural goods and services. These outputs can then be utilised by planners, natural resource managers, academics and businesses to communicate the previously unrecognised value of these assets for conservation, restoration, or other land use decisions.


The EVT includes a comprehensive, searchable database of ecosystem service values (Researchers Library), a web-based tool for calculating ecosystem service values (SERVES), and other supporting materials. It is unclear whether the SERVES tool is available yet for public use, but you can contact Earth Economics for more information.



EVT website – http://esvaluation.org/