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Full Evidence Review: Leicester

Final LAP output summarising all the work done in Year 1

The final output for the LAP Demonstration Areas is the final Evidence Review – a document that pulls together all of the evidence and outputs from the toolkit into one compilation of information that is given to the local stakeholders in that area. 

The Local Action Project for Leicester was carried out with support from members of the River Soar Catchment Partnership; including Trent Rivers Trust, Leicester City Council and the Environment Agency.

Partnership Vision:

A Soar catchment that has a sustainable and diverse water environment that benefits people, the natural environment and the economy of the local area. A catchment in good ecological condition with improved resilience to climate change, flooding and pollution events. As a Catchment Partnership for the Soar, we will work together using innovation and cooperation, to capitalise on the opportunities presented and find solutions to the challenges faced.

The final evidence review for Leicester has now been published and can be viewed here.

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