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eWater Source (public version)


eWater Source (public version) is a limited functionality version of eWater Source; Australia’s national hydrological modelling platform. It can be downloaded free of charge from the eWater Toolkit website, although registration is required.


eWater Source simulates all aspects of water resource systems to support Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) studies in urban areas, river catchments and river basins. It is a platform that provides a range of industry-standard water management tools and models, which have all been incorporated into a single, accessible environment to support practitioners and policy makers. It is flexible and can be easily customised to meet individual user needs. It was built collaboratively by academic researchers from leading Australian universities and research and development teams from water industries, and was funded by the Australian government.


The public version of eWater Source does not contain the water management and governance capabilities of the full version, but can still be applied as a sectoral water balance tool.  Source (public version) can be a useful decision-making tool as it provides a consistent framework with which to model and report hydrological and water quality processes in urban areas or wider catchments.


Website – http://www.toolkit.net.au/Tools/Source%20(public%20version)