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Green Infrastructure Mapping (The Mersey Forest)


In 2011, The Mersey Forest group worked with Ordnance Survey to develop a Green Infrastructure Mapping methodology that can be used to not only identify, record, store and evaluate the specific green infrastructure (GI) resource of an area (a technique already practiced by The Mersey Forest) but also to produce a spatial register that supports policy formulation and implementation within local/regional strategic frameworks. The method was applied in the Liverpool and Mersey region.


Key datasets for the Green Infrastructure Mapping methodology are the OS MasterMap Topography layer and aerial imagery. A combination of manual and automated techniques is used to identify GI and to define its function or service. For example, a GI feature may provide recreation, shading from the sun or heritage value to an area. A series of rules were developed by The Mersey Forest to assign the functional characteristics of GI in a consistent and meaningful manner. The datasets produced can be used to map and identify features that have multifunctional value, and to target and implement interventions effectively.


The Green Infrastructure Mapping methodology is highly adaptable and can be applied to areas of different size or with different project objectives. See ‘The Value of Mapping Green Infrastructure’ report for more information (link below).



Mersey Forest website – http://www.merseyforest.org.uk/

Non-technical summary – http://www.merseyforest.org.uk/files/The_Value_of_Mapping_Green_Infrastructure_pdf.pdf