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i-Tree is a suite of tools developed by the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service to support the assessment and management of urban forests. It enables communities of all sizes to quantify the structure of their urban trees and measure the benefits that they provide. The i-Tree suite includes the following applications; i-Tree Eco, i-Tree Streets, i-Tree Hydro, i-Tree Vue, i-Tree Design, and i-Tree Canopy.


Since the initial release of the i-Tree Tools in August 2006, numerous communities, non-profit organizations, consultants, volunteers and students have used i-Tree to report on individual trees, parcels, neighbourhoods, cities, and even entire states. i-Tree provides baseline data that you can use to demonstrate value and set priorities for more effective decision-making.


i-Tree tools are freely available from the i-Tree website, along with other supporting information.



i-Tree website – http://www.itreetools.org/

Evaluation of tool by Forestry Commission  – http://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/SERG_Street_tree_valuation_systems.pdf/$FILE/SERG_Street_tree_valuation_systems.pdf

Natural England assessment of tool – Green Infrastructure: Valuation Tools Assessment, Natural England, 2013 – http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/publication/6264318517575680