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Integrated Urban Water Model (IUWM)


The Integrated Urban Water Model (IUWM) is a mass balance model that provides a tool for water managers to forecast water demand, waste, and associated costs for different water management scenarios. The purpose of the model is to encourage a holistic approach to urban water management by considering the fields of water supply, waste water and stormwater together, rather than separately. The model is a decision-support tool that informs the user about the application and trade-offs of available water management practices in terms of reduction in potable water demand and cost. It can be used to compare sustainable water management strategies with conventional practices. The model includes practices such as indoor conservation, irrigation conservation, greywater reuse, and stormwater capture and reuse. Each practice can be modified and applied to different water user groups created by the user. Scenarios that include combinations of the practices are simulated in the model and the user is presented with the results for review, analysis, and export to spreadsheet file formats. The tool is designed to be used by urban managers and utility providers.



InformationĀ on the WERF website – http://www.werf.org/a/ka/Search/ResearchProfile.aspx?ReportId=INFR4SG09c