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LAT Benefits Assessment & Intervention Targeting Methodology

Data sources & analytical methods for applying the LAT to your urban area

This report describes the methodology used for the mapping element of the Defra-funded Local Action Project (LAP), which was carried out between March 2015 and March 2016. The aim of the project was to provide a range of tools and outputs that would support local communities to assess the current distribution and condition of natural infrastructure in an urban area and to assess the benefits that it provides. The outputs enable local groups to investigate which parts of the city are experiencing a lack of ecosystem services and to identify areas that are most suitable for interventions to enhance them..

This document guides the user through the process of producing the maps that are presented in the Local Action Project evidence reviews. The method involves a number of different spatial analysis techniques, which are primarily carried out using GIS software. It is assumed that the user has considerable experience using GIS software and hence the descriptions given for each step broadly define the process taken and not individual actions.

The document is divided into five chapters, mirroring the format of the evidence reviews. The data sources for each of the maps are documented throughout, in the appropriate sections. However, it should be noted that there are many alternatives to the datasets described and higher resolution datasets may be available for some urban areas through local contacts. Investigation should be carried out prior to initiating the mapping process, in order to optimise the accuracy and relevance of the outputs produced.

Where the data source is described as ‘CaBA Data Package’, you should contact your local river catchment partnership for more information (see http://catchmentbasedapproach.org/).

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