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National Business Water Efficiency Benchmark (NBWeb)


The NBWeb tool was developed collaboratively by water suppliers from across Australia to encourage business customers to use water more efficiently. The tool provides a standardised approach to measuring business water usage across a wide range of sectors. By enabling businesses to understand their level of water usage, the processes that contribute to it, and how they compare with other competing industries, it is anticipated that productivity will be improved, costs will be reduced and a realistic water production target will be established.


The data gathered through NBWeb will also help water suppliers from across the country to share their experiences and pool resources to develop a nationally-consistent, business customer, benchmarking framework. The tool, along with other useful resources, is freely available from the NBWeb website.



NBWeb website – http://nbweb.com.au/

More information here – http://www.clearwater.asn.au/resource-library/toolkits/national-business-water-efficiency-benchmark-nbweb/index.php