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Natural Value in Urban Landscapes

The ‘Good Urban vs Bad Urban’ Illustration

The Westcountry Rivers Trust have, in recent years, commissioned the production of several easy to interpret illustrations which have been designed to facilitate engagement with and communication to a wide variety of stakeholders with an interest in catchment management (see right for the ‘Good Farm vs Bad Farm’ and ‘Integrated Catchment Vision’ illustrations.

To facilitate the exploration of environmental management issues and the value of natural capital in urban landscapes, we have commissioned an artist, Brian Hoskin (www.brianhoskin.co.uk), to develop a ‘Natural Value in Urban landscapes’ or ‘Good Town vs Bad Town’ illustration for the Local Action Project.

This illustration has been constructed through rigorous consultation with urban practitioners and includes all of the green infrastructure typologies and sustainable water management interventions that can be delivered to enhance natural capital value and ecosystem services benefits in urban landscapes. The graphic is also being used to demonstrate how interventions can be targeted effectively and to explain the costs and benefits of urban regeneration and (retro-fit or new-build) delivery of green infrastructure and SuDS.

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Good farm vs bad farm – Upstream Thinking


Integrated Catchment Vision – CaBA


Good town – bad town – preliminary sketch