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Public Benefit Recording System (PBRS)


The Public Benefit Recording System (PBRS) is an online resource that supports strategic decision-making and investment by enabling the user to assess the social, economic and environmental benefits of schemes and projects. PBS has been developed by the Forestry Commission and the Northwest Regional Development Agency to assist in the selection of sites for potential development, at localised and landscape scale.


The website is divided into four main sections; ‘Approach’, ‘Attributes’, ‘Application’, and ‘Partners and Links’. The ‘Approach’ section gives an overview of PBRS, while the ‘Attributes’ section gives a more in-depth description of the system itself, including details about relevant datasets, reporting mechanisms and its ability to be customised. The ‘Application’ section includes a number of case studies where PBRS has been successfully deployed. Finally the ‘Partners and Links’ section contains links to many of the organisations that have been involved in the various PBRS projects. PDFs of reports and briefings are also available on the website.



PBRS website – http://www.pbrs.org.uk/