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Source to Tap Urban Water Cycle Modelling


Source to Tap Urban Water Cycle Modelling refers to an updated version of the Urban Water Optioneering Tool (UWOT), which is being developed by Christos Makropoulos and Evangelos Rozos as part of the EU-funded Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow project (TRUST). The purpose of the improved model is to bring together two distinct areas of water cycle management, which have previously been considered in isolation in other models. These two areas are; the optimisation of the external water supply system, and the improved management of customer demand. The Source to Tap Urban Water Cycle Modelling allows the user to investigate these two strategies at the same time and to explore synergies between the two.


This new version of the UWOT model simulates the whole water supply network from the generation of demand at the household level to the water reservoirs and tracks wastewater generation from the household through the wastewater system and the treatment plants to the water bodies. The tool is evaluated in the paper linked below.



InformationĀ on the TRUST website – https://www.trust-i.net/downloads/index.php?iddesc=81

Research paper – Rozos, E. & Makropoulos, C. (n.d.) Source to Tap Urban Water Cycle Modelling. Available at above hyperlink.