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Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine (SPeAR®)


The Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine (SPeAR) was developed by Arup in 2000, as a way of incorporating and assessing sustainability factors in development plans for their clients. It is a decision-making tool that allows developers and other stakeholders to investigate the impacts of a development on a wide range of subjects, such as air quality, water use, employment, culture etc. It communicates the results of the appraisal visually through a unique diagram, which uses a traffic light system to indicate performance in each area.


The tool appraises projects based on key themes such as transport, biodiversity, culture, employment and skills. The assessment of these indicators is based on global sustainability standards. As well as the graphical diagram, the software produces a tabulated summary of the input data, so the process is robust and auditable.


SPeAR can be used throughout a project, from the initial design phase to operation. For example, it might be used to carry out a baseline appraisal or gap analysis, to identify key risk areas or to guide decision-making and stakeholder participation. It can also be used to undertake evaluation upon project completion, which can inform organisational learning and approaches to future projects.



Website – http://www.arup.com/Projects/spear.aspx

Web application explaining SPeAR – http://www.oasys-software.com/spearapp/app/flash.html