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Urban Demonstrator: Water resilient cities

Building resilience and saving money through better surface water management

Business in the Community and the Water Taskforce sought to prove a concept; that non domestic customers, working with schools initially, could be incentivised to implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) through re-investing subsequent savings from surface water charges.

Across the pilot area, Greater Manchester, there are currently over 1,000 schools paying together over £4.3m in surface water charges to United Utilities per year. If they could all move down one charging band, this could save over £2m which could be reinvested to cover the costs of SuDS measures in the short-term and educational benefits in the medium term.

To test this concept, partners from the Water Taskforce (Arup, Costain, MWH and United Utilities) worked with stakeholders and schools across Greater Manchester, including AGMA, the Environment Agency, Manchester City Council, Red Rose Forest and the CLASP network. They produced information and resources for schools and both a site and programme-level model.

The information for schools included a Schools SuDS Audit Guide outlining the practical measures schools can take, case studies, and educational resources including a lesson plan and a video.

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