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Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide


The Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide is a set of user guidance or framework for practitioners who are interested in assessing and quantifying the benefits associated with urban forestry. The guide is available as a series of information pages online or as a downloadable PDF. It is provided by American Forests, with funding support from the US Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program.


The guide is divided into three main sections designed to take the user through the process of selecting the best urban forest assessment tool for their needs. The first section gives an overview of urban forest management and the tools available for effective management. The second section explains how to choose an appropriate urban forest assessment tool for a specific project and describes the type of variables that need to be considered. The final section provides information about the most common and popular assessment tools that are currently available.



American Forests website – http://www.americanforests.org/our-programs/urbanforests/urban-forests-tools-resources/urban-forest-assessments-resource-guide/