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Urban Water Optioneering Tool (UWOT)


The Urban Water Optioneering Tool (UWOT) was developed through the Water Cycle Management for New Development (WaND) project by Christos Makropoulos and others, in 2008. UWOT is a decision-support tool that allows users to compare different water management technologies (including water saving, recycling, treatment and drainage) at different scales. The tool simulates the urban water cycle by modelling individual water uses and technologies, and aggregates their combined effects at development scale. UWOT provides a range of technology combinations, which are ranked according to user-based criteria. This allows the user to determine which combination of technologies will be most appropriate or beneficial for their new development.


UWOT integrates Simulink/MATLAB and Microsoft Excel into a powerful, user-friendly tool. It is designed to be used during the master planning stages of development, and is primarily targeted at developers and their consultants. The technology library and UWOT tool are available on request from the University of Exeter.



Website with information about UWOT – http://www.watershare.eu/tool/urban-water-optioneering-tool/start/

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